July 24, 2012

Application for Migration Certificate – Mumbai University

Do you need the mumbai university migration certificate? Then you definitely need to get the application for migration certificate.

This can be easily found on the Mumbai University website i.e. mu.ac.in. But if you are still unable to find it then we can help you!

Click here for Mumbai University Migration Form

The form has to be filled in by the student and submitted through the principal of the college/insitituion last attended by the applicant in this university. You’ll need to pay Rs.200 as the fee for migration certificate.


June 20, 2011

Kashid MMS Movie (Speakers on please)

June 19, 2011

Kashid MMS – Trailer (Speakers on please)

August 13, 2010

We are like this only (Speakers on please)

June 16, 2010

Goa 2008

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June 2008 in Goa, It was raining elephants & Giraffes,few maniacs (including me) were below, which as per me was one of the most furious water fall I have ever been to.The water was hitting very hard on our backs and head. Suddendly someone (i think it was Ross) thought of brilliant idea.. to remove T-Shirts.Dare devils you see.All the boys removed their T-shirts, swing them with one hand and shouting like Crazy Hell… with water fall and rain hitting us and we shouted, yelled trying in vain to overcome the sound of water fall and rain. It was madness at its peak.Those 2 hrs below that water fall was one of the most exiting, memorable period of my life. 

Thanks to Ross, Ozy, mayuresh, sachin, gaurav, dipesh, yadnesh,hemal, prashant, bhavana, Jassi, neeta,sohel, rakesh, ketan, bhagwan…thanks guys for those wonderful moments.

-Pradeep Agarwal

March 29, 2010

Yaaro Doston – NMIMS Systems

March 20, 2010

Can u hear it?

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Coming Soon…

March 16, 2010

Sampark 2010

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Sampark 2010

Sampark 2010

Systems finally rocked in Sampark 2010 with all the enthusiasm.

March 1, 2010

River Touch Resort (Speakers on please)

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February 8, 2010

My Name is Daman

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Bhailok title dekhkar surprise ho gaye…tension nahi lene ka this is our next outing tag line…kya kare SRK ki film ka koi boharasa nahi hain (MY NAME IS KkkkkHAN) annewale KAL main release HO YA NAHO but apni picture toh release hone wali hai that’s for sure that also in this month dated 27th Feb (Sanichar,Sanivari) & it will be an nightout affair……

For some (bolega toh upstith memberlok outing main) the memories of each outing will be still fresh in their minds…I still remember it was initiated way back in 2007 wherein Thambu was the first to Kick start the event at the exuberant island called “Murud Jangira” wherein we started off knowing each other very well rather than hi /hello mates in the class…..Later on two scintillating duo OZ & ROS understood the potential of the very first outing of the class wherein they crack the deal with Thambu, & there was lucrative offer proposed to Thambu to MERGE with us & to bring down more adventure, fantabulous, smooky (ROSS version), rejuvenating (manjhe ek dum dhamaal outing)…..then we never looked back….MISSION GOA 2008 (Huge Success)…..HANS ADVENTURES 2008 (Mega Success)…I still remember the panel discussion (HANS) we had which started right from politics, global meltdown, terrorism list goes on & on…in short interesting (healthy) debate took place among the board panel members, at the end there was lot of take home from the debate/discussion..few of my friends who were there will surely agree upon it abhi bhi mind main fresh hoga…

Guys in 2008 itself we planned 2 outing that was Super Success at the class box office…(kya baat hain)…In 2009 energy level as well as there was an adrenaline rushing through our spines..so we were constantly thinking what next for the class….then suddenly something pops up in our mind WHY NOT this time make it more scary & create twist & turns in the upcoming outing…after much thought process… ROADIES NEXT DESTINATION MOUNT ABU (MAY 2009)” was the next outing planned for the class which will be most memorable atleast for me through my life (meri toh lag gayi thi -:) ) aur iss outing main bhaut (sarvelog) jann spiritual huye, DO JISM EK Huye (matlab bhagwan/dev/lord ke aradhana main)..stop thinking naughty khayals in your minds….aur kaise bhool sakhta hoon some of dudes ne paathal ka rasta dhoond liya tha..amazing na…”Believe it OR NOT”

Kya karoo uppar itna footage likh na pada kya kare hamare pujniya Kothari Sir ne kaha “balaak marketing aur branding ka kalyug agaya hain” jitna ho sake toh apne aap ko product ki tarah becho (Sir ne mujhe udharan main SRK, BIG G aur KAT (apni saloo ki item) diya..aur main immediately character main goos gaya 🙂

We are the lucky ones that we have all the competitive advantage from rest of the batches because of the celebrations we do whether it is bachelors party, engagement, birthday, Marriage, PAA wali khushi main bhi hum shaamil hote hain iska matlab we are enjoying the PTMBA tenure fantabulosuly we are like Work/Learn hard & Party more harder kind of batch…now only 2 months are remaining to finish it off but i do have faith (that it’s not possible to all of them to be hooked with each other for life long) that few of them are already best of best friends & will be life long friends…I feel the celebrations & outings we had throughout  has really made difference in our outlook/perception towards one & another…..

Rancho ki baat mano aur live life at the fullest & in every moment there is thrill & excitement….jitne bhi Chatoor ke category wale hain jisne ab tak ek bhi outing main abhi tak nahi aye aapse vininthi karte hain ki jahapana haazair ho joan nahi toh zindagi baar sochte rehenge sirf presentation main hi part liya (has an group activity) aur kab boring teen saal gaye pata nahi chala…..afterall its your call hum toh zindaji fullon jeene main vishwaas rakhte hain…baakh aapki marzi…

Last but not the least our events are so successful & getting so much fame/appreciation that babes (especially HR crowd) from other batch are pleading to come with us for one of kind of outing we do…but ufff yeh hamare vasool, rasool aur adarsh hamain allow nahi karta hai kisi aur batch ke logon ko shaamil karna….sorry guys 😦

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